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All Urban Radio is administered and developed by Dynamic Designz Web-Development Firm based out of Sunnyvale, California in Silicon Valley. Within the past 2 months AUR has been re-released from a prior research project since 2008 out of Buffalo, NY into a full ongoing development project which we are actively working on to progress it’s development.

Mixes from one of AUR’s very own DJs Mixmaster-G (bio under the artists tab) can be expected. We feature LIVE real-time on-air streams via AUR’s FIRST OFFICIAL station “The Beat”. Works from genres including: Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Techno, Trance, and Dubstep music. If you’re a music artist or DJ and would like to submit your original music or mixes to AUR you can do so by going to our Upload page.

You can stay more up to date on our progress by reading our news releases about updates to the site as they develop. Likewise you can get more instant updates from Dynamic Designz Web-Development Facebook page! So feel free to follow them to stay in-tune with what’s up!

About The Music We Play…
What we play is like no other! We do not believe in conventional mainstream music here at AUR so you will not find the TOP 40 being played, our belief is that avant garde arbitrary music of all kinds helps to keep a diverse group of listeners and to stand out from all other online radio stations. You will find music here like no other, sounds that intrigue and interest the ear while stimulating the creative flow of the mind. We believe that this is the key. New music ALL THE TIME with no one song ever being played twice! You will never hear commercials interrupting your radio play so you can continue to listen in a care-free easy listening mode while you work or play!

You can follow All Urban Radio on Facebook at Facebook.com/AllUrbanRadio

Dynamic Designz Web-Development