What do Beyonce and Jay-Z Think of Kanye’s Hospitalization?

Jay-Z and his wife, Beyonce, are putting aside taking things personally when Kanye called them out during a Seattle concert just days before being hospitalized. In fact, the couple only wishes the best for Kanye and feel bad about his hospitalization.

According to Hollywood Life, “Jay-Z and Beyonce have no hard feelings about Kanye’s recent concert rants.” This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering Jay-Z and Kanye were considered best of friends, but at the same time, Kanye’s rant was rather…accusatory.  Kanye at one point, even asked Jay-Z to call his killers off in front of hundreds of fans. Whether he was talking about actual assassins or using the term “killers” to suggest something else, we can only speculate.   The rapper also brought up on the Seattle stage his disappointment that Jay-Z only called him after Kim’s Paris robbery.  He had expected his friend to come by, bring the kids, like they were brothers.

Just two days after his public rant, Kanye had what has been considered a mental breakdown and was involuntarily taken to the hospital to be placed under psychiatric supervision.  His devoted wife, Kim Kardashian,stayed by his side. Kanye has since been released and is recuperating at home with his loving family.

His breakdown was initially said to be caused by dehydration, lack of sleep and stress.  However, it has recently come to light that the breakdown was actually caused by a mismanagement of medication.  That’s Kanye’s story and he seems to be sticking with it.  In the meantime, Jay-Z and Beyonce have remained quiet and at a distance from their once close friend, although Beyonce has expressed worry for Kim amid Kanye’s erratic behavior and it has since been learned that Kim and Kanye are now living apart after the breakdown.

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