How Internet Radio Has Changed the Way that We Listen

Internet Radio Sound Mixing Board

Remember the days of turning on your radio in hopes of hearing your favorite song? You, like many others, would probably get your cassette tape ready to record the moment that DJs read your mind and blasted your jam. Now, thanks to Internet Radio, those days of holding out and waiting are over.

Internet Radio Has…

  • Broadened the listening arena. The geographical constraints that come with traditional FM networks do not exist with Internet Radio. You can listen to your favorite stations from anywhere in the world that provide a reliable connection.
  • Increased quality. Static is unheard of in the world of Digital Radio. All that you can look forward to hearing is pristine clarity.
  • Afforded more listener input. Whereas tradition FM stations require phone call requests for favored songs, Internet Radio lets you submit feedback online. In most cases, pressing the “like” button places your preferred songs back into the repertoire for future playing.
  • Widened the audience scope. This is definitely a good thing for DJs. A larger audience typically equals more diversity, which can open the door to more opportunities in the future. A well-planned show can be your big break if it falls on the right ears.
  • Made it easier for individuals to break into the industry. Reading a commercial on the air was once impossible due to stringent regulations. Internet Radio, however, has extended the spectrum to amateurs with no formal education but a passion for on-air jobs. Such persons launch their own stations online and build their careers by garnering the support of the masses.
  • Create a space where advertisements do not rule. One of the primary reasons why music lovers have turned away from traditional radio is because of the numerous adds that ruin the enjoyment experience. Internet Radio, an entity not solely supported by ads, offers its subscribers few commercials, which leads to more time addressing more important issues in the world. With the benefits of Internet Radio being nearly endless, there’s no question why it is now the standard of music enjoyment.
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