Kanye and Kim Had a Big Fight Before He Went to the Hospital

According to US Weekly, Kanye and Kim had a BIG fight before he was taken to the hospital.  It all started with the robbery in Paris where Kim was tied up at gunpoint and robbed of millions of dollars in jewels.  Naturally, the famous socialite has wanted to keep close to home where she feels safe.  Kanye, however, continued his Saint Pablo Tour.  When at home, according to sources close to the couple, Kanye would lose himself in work, often staying up late ranting and raving. “He was Impossible to live with,” says the source.

If Kanye seemed paranoid and erratic before the Paris robbery, his paranoia has only gotten more and more intense to the point where Kanye believes people are after him.  Does this mean that he thinks the attack on his wife had something to do with him?  And exactly what was all the fighting about?  While we can only speculate, it seems that the fighting was mostly likely about Kanye and how he was dealing or not dealing with what happened to Kim in Paris. We can speculate that Kim was worried about Kanye who must have appeared out of sorts and exhausted.

Now, it is reported that Kim and Kanye are living separately since he was released from the hospital.  The reason lies with concern for the children.  In fact, Kim doesn’t want Kanye near the kids right now.  Neither has made an official statement since West’s psychotic breakdown.  However, Kendall Jenner, who was a guest on Entertainment Today said that “everyone is doing ok. Just praying.”  According to Ryan Seacrest, who has spoken with Kim, things are indeed getting better.

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According to sources, the couple is definitely not splitting up.  In fact, “they are more in love than ever.”  The family is together again and the rapper is receiving out patient care at home.



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