How Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Going to Be Spending the Holidays?

prince harry meghan markle

Meghan Markle has become a household name since it was announced that the actress was dating Prince Harry. This means that there is a keen interest in her and most people want to know about her romance with the prince. If you are interested in this, you may be wondering how they will spend their holiday season.

Due to security concerns, it’s unlikely they will publicly announce any holiday plans together at this time. However, Meghan’s show, “Suits,” is currently on holiday from filming, meaning she has plenty of free time to be spending with the prince. And due to his position and the holiday festivities hosted by the Queen, it is highly unlikely that Harry will be leaving England to travel to her during this time. As such, it is highly likely that Meghan will be spending the holidays in Britain, probably at the castle where she just recently stayed during her last visit.

Whether or not Meghan will participate in Holiday festivities with the family remains to be seen, but keep in mind that Kate Middleton was invited to many of these events prior to an official engagement announcement, so there is always a possibility it could happen with Ms. Markle. However, if she does take part in festivities, it is highly unlikely she would take part in the actual Christmas day event at Sandgringham. This is typically reserved strictly for royals, though Kate Middleton was invited after dating Prince William for over eight years. Regardless of what happens, people will be watching intently as to their plans to determine just how serious the relationship is and if engagement watch should start anytime soon.

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