Uber envisions driverless, electric powered aircraft

The kind of flying cars as envisioned in “Back to the Future” have not yet become a reality. But, according to a recent article in the UK Telegraph, Uber, the ride-sharing service that has upended the personal transportation market, thinks it can use personal aviation technology to create the next big thing in commuting.

The idea is that you will summon a driverless, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft on a smartphone. Instead of slogging through a traffic-jam-congested freeway, you will be able to fly a short hop to your destination, taking the journey a few minutes that might otherwise take close to an hour.

The flying cars would run on batteries that would drive propellers. Some sort of air traffic control system for urban areas also has to be developed. These and other technology breakthroughs must be accomplished before this Jetsons vision becomes a reality.



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